1200 South Hutchinson Avenue
Adel, Georgia 31620
(229) 896-2266

  1200 South Hutchinson Avenue
Adel, Georgia 31620
(229) 896-2266 P
(229) 896-2274 F
(229) 896-6888 F
Faye Hughes
County Administrator
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The County Administrator is responsible to the Board of Commissioners for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of Cook County government.

Among her duties are the following:

To ensure that the governing board's policies are carried out
♦  Assist in developing those policies and other goals
♦  Provide administrative leadership to the departments of county government
♦  Develop and present an annual budget and
♦  Strive for efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in the delivery and funding of services.

The Administration office provides the following services for Cook County Residents:

♦  Prepares and oversees the county budget
♦  Pays all county bills
♦  Process county payroll
♦  Receive all revenue and make deposits
♦  Handle all employee medical insurance and Workers Compensation claims
♦  Keep meeting minutes as well as maintain contracts, ordinances and resolutions
♦  Handle day to day operations

  1200 South Hutchinson Avenue
Adel, Georgia 31620
(229) 896-2266 P
(229) 896-2274 F
(229) 896-6888 F
Vicki S. Parrish
County Clerk
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The Cook County Clerk serves as the official custodian of the Cook County seal and materials of public record for the Cook County Board of Commissioners and other County boards and authorities. Additional responsibilities include:

♦  Assisting with the processing of contracts
♦  Boards and Authorities Appointment Process
♦  Coordinating and distributing Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes
♦  Ensuring that the County adheres to the Georgia Open Meetings and Open Records acts
♦  Handling requests for public records
♦  Health & Wellness Program Coordinator
♦  Human Resources Coordinator
♦  Issues Alcoholic Beverage License
♦  Issues Business License
♦  Maintaining the Cook County Code of Ordinances
♦  Property & liability Insurance Coordinator
♦  Publishing and distributing all disclosures pursuant to the Cook County Code of Ethics
♦  Safety Coordinator

Nanette Dickerson
Deputy County Clerk

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Michelle McDonald
Accounts Clerk
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Dewanna Robinson Clerk/Receptionist
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