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Published January 26, 2016

2016 Qualifying Fees
County Commissioners are required to set qualifying fees for the 2016 election and publish fees prior to February 1, 2016.

Fees are calculated per OCGA § 21-2-131.
Office Total Base Salary Qualifying Fee
Clerk of Superior Court $46,408.38 $1,392.25
Sheriff $53,880.12 $1,616.40
Probate Judge $46,408.38 $1,392.25
Tax Commissioner $46,408.38 $1,392.25
County Commissioner (D2) $6,000.00 $180.00
County Commissioner (D3) $6,000.00 $180.00
County Commissioner (D4) $6,000.00 $180.00
Coroner $2,400.00 $72.00
Board of Education    
District 1 $3,600.00 $108.00
District 2 $3,600.00 $108.00
District 4 $3,450.00 $103.50
The county governing authority is required to set and publish the qualifying fees for county offices (i.e., commissioners, sheriffs, tax commissioners, superior court clerks, magistrates, probate judges, state court judges, solicitors general, coroners and surveyors)by February 1, 2012. O.C.G.A. § 21-2-131. This should be done through the adoption of a resolution by the board of commissioners setting the qualifying fee for each office.

County Officers and Magistrates. Qualifying fees to run for the office of superior court clerk probate judge, magistrate, sheriff, and tax commissioner must be set at 3 percent of the minimum base salary specified in state law for each county based on the county’s 2010 population. See O.C.G.A. §§ 15-6-88(a) for superior court clerks, 15-9-63(a)(1) for probate judges, 15-10-23(a) for magistrates, 15-16-20(a)(1) for sheriffs, and 48-5-183(b)(1) for tax commissioners.

Note that in calculating the qualifying fee for the county officers and magistrates, the minimum base salary is not to be adjusted to reflect supplements, cost-of-living increases, or longevity increases.

County Commissioners and Chairs. Qualifying fees to run for the office of members of the county governing authority other than sole commissioners must be set at 3 percent of the base salary established by local legislation unless the commissioners have set a higher salary using their home rule authority (see below).

Qualifying fees to run for sole commissioner is 3 percent of the salary set by local legislation or by the state minimum salary law for sole commissioners (O.C.G.A. § 36-5-25), whichever is applicable.