How To Dispose of Traffic Citations

1. To be advised of the amount of your fine and/or court date text “TICKET to 678-820-5242 five days after your citation is issued.

2. You can also write, call, or visit:

Cook County Probate Court
212 North Hutchinson Ave.
Adel, Georgia 31620

3. You are required to appear in court if the citation is not paid prior to the court date.

4. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR BUSINESS CHECKS will be accepted. Please send a Money Order or Certified Check or pay online. THIS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE COURT DATE.

5. With your payment, please include your citation number and date of the citation, your correct name and mailing address.

6. Your driver’s license will be SUSPENDED by the issuing agency in your state and/or a BENCH WARRANT will be issued for your arrest if you fail to pay the citation and appear for court.

7. If you wish to contest “our citation yow may appear in court or send correspondence to the court at the above web address.