Cook County Georgia

Notice of Call For Special Election


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT at the request of the Cook County Board of Education, the Cook County Board of Elections and Registration (the “Board of Elections”) has called an election in all of the election districts of the Cook County School District (the “School District”) on March 21, 2017 (the “Election”). At the Election, there will be submitted to the qualified voters of the School District for their determination the question of whether a sales and use tax of one percent for educational purposes shall be continued on all sales and uses in Cook County for a period of time of 20 calendar quarters commencing upon the expiration of the one percent sales and use tax currently in effect and for the raising of not more than $15,000,000. If the imposition of such tax is approved by the voters, such vote shall also constitute approval of the issuance of general obligation debt of the School District in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $6,700,000.

This notice is given pursuant to a resolution of the Cook County Board of Elections.

Bill Barton
Chairman, Cook County Board of Elections & Registration