Advertisement for Equipment Bids

2022 Advertisement for Bids for 2022 LMIG Project



Advertisement for Equipment Bids

Sealed bids will be received by the County Administrator, Cook County Administrative Building, 1200 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, Georgia at 5 p.m. on July 5 , 2022 for the following:

A NEW Caterpillar 826K Compactor or (or equivalent), with the following specifications:

  1. Net HP Rating of 405HP Minimum
  2. Net Operating Weight 90,207 Minimum
  3. Dual Air Pre-cleaner
  4. Fire Suppression Ready Machine
  5. Operator Sound not to exceed 73 dB(a)
  6. No Spin front and rear axles.
  7. Rear View Camera
  8. Halogen Work Light Package
  9. Standard Mirrors
  10. Cellular Remote Monitor System included for 5 years
  11. 48″ Wheel Combination of Plus Style Teeth minimum 30 teeth
  12. Fixed Stairway
  13. Striker Bars with cleaning Fingers
  14. Am/FM/Bluetooth Radio
  15. 177” 16.1 Yd3 Straight Blade
  16. Ground Level Engine Shutoff
  17. Rubber Mounted Cab Glass for Quick Replacement
  18. Enclosed Cab wit) Heat and NC
  19. Fuel Priming Pump
  20. Transmission Guard
  21. Hydraulic Crankcase and Powertrain Guard
  22. Front and Rear Axle and Seal Guarding
  23. Guarding for Hydraulic and Transmission Sight Tubes
  24. Heat Shield on Turbo and Exhaust Manifold
  25. Hydraulic Driven Demand Fan
  26. Maintenance Free Batteries
  27. 150 Amp Alternator
  28. Back-Up Alarm
  29. Front and Rear Lighting
  30. 5 Year / 7500 hour guaranteed buyback
  31. 5 year / 7500 hour full total machine warranty (with no travel or mileage charges for warrant repairs, and all other standard equipment).
  32. Bidder must provide a minimum of 5 “positive references” with current model machines in Georgia.

Bid Sheet is required to be returned in order that your bid be considered. (see document above)

***Delivery must be made to Cook County Landfill, 1006 MJ Taylor Rd., Adel, Georgia 31620 within 12 months of bid acceptance. Failure to deliver machine by deadline will require dealer to supply a machine of equal size and value at no charge to the county until new machine is delivered.***

The attached Bid Sheet is required to be returned in order that your bid be considered.

Vendors are asked to present only one bid package. You may have various options on your bid but please only present one bid package.

The specifications of this bid are not meant to prohibit any vendor from participating in the bid process. Cook County is looking for a machine of equal value with equal/similar options.

No bid will be considered unless sealed and filed with Faye Hughes, County Administrator, Cook County Commissioners Office 1200 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel, GA prior to the time set forth above. Bids received after the designated time will be returned to vendor unopened.

No bids shall be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after the opening of the bids.

Cook County reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to overlook and/or disregard informalities or irregularities in the proposals.

Cook County Board of Commissioners
1200 S. Hutchinson Ave.
Adel, GA 31620

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