Faye Hughes
County Administrator

1200 South Hutchinson Avenue
Adel, Georgia 31620

(229) 896-2266 P
(229) 896-2274 F
(229) 896-6888 F

The County Administrator is responsible to the Board of Commissioners for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of Cook County government.

Among her duties are the following:

To ensure that the governing board’s policies are carried out
♦  Assist in developing those policies and other goals
♦  Provide administrative leadership to the departments of county government
♦  Develop and present an annual budget and
♦  Strive for efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation in the delivery and funding of services.

The Administration office provides the following services for Cook County Residents:

♦  Prepares and oversees the county budget
♦  Pays all county bills
♦  Process county payroll
♦  Receive all revenue and make deposits
♦  Handle all employee medical insurance and Workers Compensation claims
♦  Keep meeting minutes as well as maintain contracts, ordinances, and resolutions
♦  Handle day to day operations