How To Use 911

  • Dial the digits 9-1-1 from any residential, cellular, or coin operated phone. If your business or school is on a PBX system that requires you to dial another digit (often “9” to reach an outside line) dial the digit, then 911 (e.g. 9-9-1-1).
  • Report the nature of your call: police, fire, or medical. Give the location of the incident, your name, and your phone number. Be prepared to answer the dispatcher’s questions in detail. In life-threatening situations, the dispatcher continues to ask questions while units are dispatched to the location you provided.
  • If you are reporting a crime and a person is involved, pay close attention to a physical description. If a vehicle is involved obtain the color, year, make and direction of travel if possible. Never place yourself in danger to obtain information.
  • When reporting a fire, tell what is on fire and whether anyone is in danger such as inside a vehicle or structure. Advise if hazardous material is involved. Do not place yourself in danger.
  • If you are reporting a medical emergency be prepared to answer certain questions about the patient. This information will help the dispatcher send the appropriate emergency equipment. Be prepared to receive instructions to assist with the medical emergency before the paramedics arrive. Remember that the operator will continue to ask questions and provide instructions while help is dispatched and is on the way.

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